Class Visits Story Times

Being Active Storytime

This was my very first outdoor story time of the season, so I wanted to make it outdoorsy, but I recently did a garden story time so wanted a different outdoor theme. I chose the loose theme of being active/exercising. I think it was a success! I also did this one for a class visit. The first book in particular is a great choice for active class visits.

I started by blowing bubbles while waiting for everyone to come down into the park.

Hello songs

Book 1: Jonathan and his Mommy by Irene Smalls

An oldie but a goodie. I cannot stress enough how much I love this book. Jonathan and his mommy take a walk in the city and turn it into a dancing, jumping, running good time!

Theme Song: Run Baby Run by Caspar Babypants (I play it on Spotify but this is the Youtube link since I know not everyone has Spotify)

Book 2: Run! by Guilherme Karsten

A short, fun book in which animals are playing hide and seek. Easy to make interactive, In regular storytime, I did lots of encouraging my toddlers to hide behind their grown-ups!

Favorite songs and goodbye!

Class Visits Story Times

Monster Storytime

A monster themed storytime great for Halloween or anytime you’re feeling a little spooky! I did this storytime for my regular public storytime and for a few class visits. Worked out well in both settings.

Hello song

Book 1: Monster Boogie by Laurie Berkner

This book is actually a song by children’s performer Laurie Berkner. First, we read the book and practiced the moves. Then we played the song together. It worked out really well! 

Theme Song: Monster Boogie by Laurie Berkner

Re-focus song

Book 2: Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

Not only is this book a classic, but I love doing it alongside Monster Boogie because the two books together show that some “monsters” in life may look scary but are actually fun & welcoming, while some monsters are just straight up monsters who need to be told to go away!

Favorite songs and goodbye!


Class Visits

Pizza Story Time (Class Visit)

Pizza story time conducted with a 3-K class.

Hello song

Book: Hi, Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter

Theme Song:

Patty cake patty cake pizza man
Make me a pizza as fast as you can
Roll it and toss it
And sprinkle it with cheese
And don’t forget the pepperoni please


Paper Pizza Slices

I completely forgot to take pictures but hopefully I can describe what we did well enough!


-Plain paper pizza slices (googled and printed out on cardstock, I used two different slice drawings and arranged them in a circle like a pizza pie for a little bonus pattern recognition action)
-Random colorful scraps (I used felt, colored paper and tissue paper)
-Pizza box (optional)


-Arrange pizza slices inside pizza box prior to visit
-Open pizza box to reveal blank slices!
-Have each child choose their slice
-Color slices for 5 minutes
-Hand out glue sticks and allow children to add their “toppings”
-Arrange slices back into a pie to show off all the different slices!


Class Visits

My No Prep Time Class Visit Story Time (Large Age Range)

This is the story time I use if I have had absolutely no prep time for a class visit. I use my favorite, multi-age friendly most reliable book and some of my favorite songs.

Hello song 

Book: Shh! We Have A Plan by Chris Haughton.

I don’t usually comment on my book choices but I cannot stress enough how much I adore this book for reading aloud. I almost don’t want to share it and keep it my little story time secret but I suppose I will be nice and share in the spirit of library generosity. I have read this book for Pre-K up to 3rd graders and it has always been a joy. Of course the questions and interaction will change based on grade level.

Favorite or silly songs

Free time to read/play/explore library


Class Visits

Fall Story Time (3k to Pre-K Class Visits)

I used this story time throughout the Fall season for several class visits. I used this same basic format, but edited my story time somewhat based on the age and size of the class. Enjoy!

Hello song

Book: Mouse Loves Fall by Lauren Thompson

Activity/Song: This was sort of a combined song and activity. I used a mystery bag. Inside the bag were different colored leaves, a felt mouse and a little mouse puppet. Below were some of my materials:

I think there are a lot of mystery bag songs out there but here is a very simple one I used. I actually made this up on the spot because I 100% forgot to look one up the first time I did this activity but then I think I just ended up using it for all my visits:

What’s In The Bag?

Oh what’s is in the bag?
Oh what’s in the bag?
I’d like to know what’s in the bag
What’s in the bag?

After each song round I pulled out a leaf (ending with mouse and mouse puppet) and we talked about color, shape etc a bit.

Puppet time: The last item I pulled out was always my little mouse finger puppet. Each child would then get a bit of time to pet/feed/hug him.

Goodbye song

Class Visits

Snow/Winter Story Time (3-K Class Visit)

Hello Song

Book: Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda

Theme Song:

See the little bunnies sleeping ’til its early noon
Come and let us gently wake them with a merry tune
Why so still
Are they ill
Wake up soon
Hop little bunnies hop hop hop! Hop little bunnies hop hop hop!
Hop little bunnies hop hop hop! Hop little bunnies hop hop hop!

Puppet time: Pets, hugs and “feeding” time with bunny puppet Carrots!

Activity time: With this class I always do an activity at the end of our story time. Sometimes it’s artistic, sometimes science-y, whatever fun I can think up that has to do with our theme of the day! For this activity we played with instant snow. We talked about how the snow feels before and after we add water. We touched it and smelled it, added food coloring to mix up different colors, and the kids were very entertained when they learned that we were really playing with the stuff that goes inside diapers! Here is the “recipe” we used.

Snow Activity:

1 lb bucket instant snow (purchased for $20 from Lakeshore, one bucket makes GALLONS so you can use it for many activities))

Food coloring

Put snow in bowl, add water, then food coloring. Super easy and lots of fun!