Class Visits

Pizza Story Time (Class Visit)

Pizza story time conducted with a 3-K class.

Hello song

Book: Hi, Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter

Theme Song:

Patty cake patty cake pizza man
Make me a pizza as fast as you can
Roll it and toss it
And sprinkle it with cheese
And don’t forget the pepperoni please


Paper Pizza Slices

I completely forgot to take pictures but hopefully I can describe what we did well enough!


-Plain paper pizza slices (googled and printed out on cardstock, I used two different slice drawings and arranged them in a circle like a pizza pie for a little bonus pattern recognition action)
-Random colorful scraps (I used felt, colored paper and tissue paper)
-Pizza box (optional)


-Arrange pizza slices inside pizza box prior to visit
-Open pizza box to reveal blank slices!
-Have each child choose their slice
-Color slices for 5 minutes
-Hand out glue sticks and allow children to add their “toppings”
-Arrange slices back into a pie to show off all the different slices!


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