Early Literacy Workshops

Early Literacy Workshop: Multi-Station Intro to 5 Foundations of Literacy

I conduct a version of this workshop every year for one of my favorite teachers. Parents and children come to the library and we do several things together:

  • Reveal children’s artwork on library wall
  • Hand out library cards and achievement certificates
  • Sing silly songs and/or read a silly book
  • Discuss benefits of library and library resources
  • Participate with children in multiple simple activities that enhance parental knowledge of read, write, talk, sing, play concepts and show parents how easy it can be to tackle at home.

Here are the details on the different stations we had available for the event. The stations contained a sheet of quick tips, and emphasized simplicity and collaboration between parent and child:

Dramatic Play Station:

Writing Skills Station:

More Dramatic Play:

More Writing Skills:

Even More Writing Skills:

Reading Skills/Collection Promotion:

And here you can see our silly song time and the children holding their certificates with their artwork behind them! (Apologies if they are blurry, I am a photography dumdum)


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