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Community Jam Session, an Activism/Civic Action Story Time

This was a special storytime I conducted as part of an ongoing civic engagement program at my library system. It was lots of fun but I do wish I’d practiced more beforehand. A great name for this story time is “Community Jam Session.”

Hello songs

Book 1: Drum City by Thea Guidone

A rhythmic book about a kid who brings the community together by conducting a drum march through the city. Children follow along behind the main character, playing all kinds of makeshift drums.

Transition/re-focus song

Book 2: Bing, Bop, Bam Time to Jam! by Valerie Bolling

A community comes together for a weekly jam session!

After the second book, I handed out a bunch of assorted instruments so we could have our community jam session. We played and sang along to the following songs:

Play On Your Instruments by Judi Cranston (song begins at :40 seconds in)
Shake Your Maraca by Little Groove
Shake Shake Shake by Nancy Kopman
Egg Shaker Song by Mister Q

Goodbye song



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