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Cats & Colors Storytime

I was a little nervous about this storytime because the cat song I found is a little weird, but we had so much fun! I ended up doing both of my theme song options because we were just having a great time.

Hello songs

Book 1: Cat’s Colors by Jane Cabrera

I only recently discovered this lovely Jane Cabrera book in which a cute cat asks readers to guess her favorite color. Lovely for storytime.

Theme Song 1: Do Cats eat Ice Cream? by Desmond Dennis

This is a weird song by Youtube personality Desmond Dennis. I can’t speak to any of his other content whatsoever but my group definitely enjoyed the song. I especially like that the song is in an R&B style, which you don’t hear often in children’s music.

Re-focus song

Book 2: Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin & James Dean

Had to do the classic!

Theme Song 2: I See Something Blue by Super Simple Songs

I really dislike most songs about colors to be honest. Most recorded music color songs are just not suitable for storytime, but this one is a great choice. Slow but not too slow, and repetitive but not annoyingly so.

Favorites and goodbye!

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