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Wellness Storytime

I was a touch nervous about this story time because the main theme song is a slow, meditative tune. However, it was a great success even with the large crowd our story times get. Grown-ups and kids alike loved the chance to stop and breathe. I did two story times over one week with the same theme song, so I’ll just include all the books I read (2 books for each story time, total of 4).

This a great story time for themes of wellness, getting hurt or feeling sick. I did it for New Year’s as I know lots of people are thinking about wellness during this time of year!


Poor Little Rabbit! by Jorg Muhle

I love Muhle’s simple, interactive Little Rabbit books. I particularly like how this one normalizes talking about blood and how to care for your body when you get mildly hurt.

Kiss Baby’s Boo-Boo by Karen Katz

Karen Katz, always an easy hit. This one also has a page in which the child’s teddy bear kisses the boo-boo. Love the nod to self-soothing.

Calling Dr. Zaza by Mylo Freeman

Another beloved series. I’ve read this one many times! Dr. Zaza spends the day curing her stuffed animals many ailments.

Little Faces Big Feelings: What Emotions Look Like by Amy Morrison

Love the real photos in this one!

Theme Song: Breathe In Breathe Out by Nancy Kopman

As always we also did some hello, goodbye, transition and favorite songs.

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