Story Times

Snow & Winter Storytime

This snowy storytime was a very successful virtual program! I tried to really pump up the levels of interaction so that the children who attended remained engaged the whole time.

Book 1: I Love Snow! By Zeta Elliott

A simple, excellent read aloud book for that snowy time of year. Children of all backgrounds and abilities play in the snow in different ways, but also experience the gray slushy side of a snowy winter. Despite this, they still continue to love snow in the end!

Felt Board Theme Game: Snowman Mitten Hunt

In this interactive felt board game, the children helped the snowmen find the missing mitten. Each snowman was a different color, and each snowman was hiding a different colored mitten. We shouted “Snow man, snow man where is your mitten???” and revealed each one until we found the missing yellow mitten.

Transition Song

Book 2: Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda

A super interactive book in which children help the bunny ski down the mountain until she eventually falls into her own burrow, where mom has hot chocolate waiting for her.

Favorite Songs (with Peter the bunny puppet) and Goodbye!

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