Story Times

Becoming a Big Sibling/Growing Up & Getting Bigger Story Time (Toddler/Family)

Hello songs

Book 1: Little Miss, Big Sis by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Theme Song:

Note: This song is mostly made up as far as I can remember but you may recognize a big part of it from the old Toys ‘R’ Us commercials!

I’m A Big Kid Now

I’m a big kid now
I can climb the stairs
I’m a big kid now
I can brush my hair
I’m a big kid now
I can pick my clothes
I’m a big kid now
I can touch my toes
I can do so many things I couldn’t do before!
And when I get much bigger I’ll do even more!
Cuz I’m a big kid now
Yes I’m a big kid now

Re-focus/transition song

Book 2: I am Just Right by David McPhail

Favorite songs and goodbye!


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