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Non-Traditional Body Parts Story Time (Toddler/Family)

For this story time I tried to use books and songs that I do not traditionally use/sing when talking about body parts. I landed on butts and wings for our books, and a theme song that included body parts we may not often mention.

Hello songs

Book 1: Whose Bum? by Chris Tougas

Theme Song:

I Love My Toes

Everybody knows I love my toes.
Everybody knows I love my toes.
I love my shoulders, my knees, my elbows, and my nose.
But everybody knows I love my toes.

Other verses: chin and shin, hips and lips, thigh and eye, and any other rhyming body parts you can think of if you want to keep going!

Re-focus song

Book 2: Wings by Katrine Crow

Favorite songs and goodbye song

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